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Founder's Message

A person with multifaceted experience gained in the tea industry and inherited from his forefathers of two previous generations. He is a scion of an icon in the tea industry and was nurtured in it from an early age during the tenure of his school days whilst assisting his father and grandfather in their tea business and plantations. His career began from the scratch by offering samples to the exporting companies of those days and gradually with that exposure he learnt the tea export trade. With time he established his own company and did his very first shipment in the early 90s.

He was trained in the delicate art of tea tasting by some of the best experts in the industry. He has blossomed to be an expert, having an exquisite flair in tasting and blending teas to meet the most exacting requirements of his buyers.

He currently offers his services as Consultant Master Tea Taster to various tea companies located in Sri Lanka, Middle East and East Africa. This man is an “unsung hero of the tea industry”.

Our Vision
Our Vision

To make “ZAID – Symbol of Excellence” synonymous with “CEYLON TEA – Symbol of Quality” in the international market

Our Mission
Our Mission

To source and deliver the finest of teas conforming to the exacting tastes and blends of our diverse clientele, ensuring consistency in quality and timeliness in delivery

About Zaid Tea Ceylon (P) Ltd

The Company incorporated in 2013 in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) inherits a proud tradition spanning three generations in the tea industry blossoming to what it is today

It’s well experienced, diligently trained resource personal and cutting edge knowhow is pre eminently suited to seamlessly source and deliver the most exacting tea blends to its diverse worldwide clientele. Selecting for them the choicest of teas produced in factories located in the tea plantations of the central highlands of Sri Lanka and sold at the Colombo Tea Auctions, each having their distinct and subtly varying aroma, flavor and liquor

Today the Company has evolved into a leading tea house in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) servicing the local and international tea trade supplying single origin teas under the famed ‘PURE CEYLON TEA’ category.

It is registered as an exporter of Ceylon Tea with the Sri Lanka Tea Board – the regulatory body of the Government of Sri Lanka entrusted with the task of ensuring the maintenance of the quality and image of Ceylon Tea exported from the country and its flagship mark –‘CEYLON TEA’ having the Lion Logo with the caption ‘Symbol of Quality’ as depicted below

Ceylon Tea

The Co. is also registered with the Sri Lanka Export Development Board as an exporter of Ceylon Tea. This is another regulatory body of the Government of Sri Lanka promoting exports from the country in general

Good Manufacturing Practice

The Company is also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified thus giving quality assurance of its sourcing and delivery to its diverse clientele

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