Zaid Tea Careers
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Zaid Tea Careers
Exposure to Multiple Domains
Zaid Tea Careers
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ZAID TEA (CEYLON) LTD offers a wonderful opportunity for an individual looking to make his career and grow in the tea industry

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Tea Executive
Marketing Personal
Finance Personal
Operations and Logistics Personal

Since we are a fast growing Co., establishing ourselves globally and making our presence felt in niche markets, this is the ideal Co. suited for those wishing to embark on a long standing career in the tea industry


Prospective employees will have the opportunity to interact globally in a highly competitive environment offering a rewarding experience with enhanced job satisfaction. Since tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide next to water, one is assured that gaining finesse in the tea industry will ensure lifelong benefits enabling one to eventually command a price for one’s services


Please mail in your Curriculum Vitae so that we may include it in our talent database.

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