Pro Food Exhibition 2017

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Agency brief

Zaid Tea is one of the leading and well established Tea trading companies in Sri Lanka. Its board of directors inherit a tradition of 03 continuous ancestral generations. They have blossomed to be the masters of tea tasting having an exquisite flair in tasting and blending teas to meet the most promising requirements to their buyers. The vision of us is to make ZAID reflecting PURE CEYLON TEA symbol of quality in the international and local market. Mission is to source and deliver the finest of teas conforming to exact tastes and blends of our diverse clientele, ensuring consistency in quality and timeliness in delivery.


“MASKELIYA” is a region in srilanka(Ceylon) where some of the best tea gardens are found and the high altitude misty mountain slopes which the tender tea leaves bloom for plucking,produces some of the most sought after teas in the world.

The word “KAHATA” represents the traditional term used by the srilankans to describe the brewed tea.

Product detail

We source and deliver locally and worldwide single garden ex estate Teas blended or unblended, flavored and branded teas in all gram age.

Target Audience

•    Age group 18-60
•    Geographic Location (srilanka ,Middle east, Europe) 
•    Distributors or agents
•    Foreign  buyers 
•    Retail and whole sale shop owners

Marketing objectives to be achieved from the campaign

•    Brand awareness.

Marketing communication objective to be achieved from the campaign.

•    Creating awareness to the public.
•    Stimulating a want or desire to the target audience.

Marketing Budget for the campaign.

Timescale and deadline for the delivery and execution.

•    Exhibition dates of PRO food, pack&Agri 2017 are 4th, 5th, 6th August 10 Am to 8 Pm @ BMICH.
•    Set up/installation date 4thAug to 3rd 6 Am.
•    Zaid’s Maskeliya Kahata stall details

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